My parents at their own risk started meat business in 1981. My father was a bus driver, my mom was working at can factory. My parents faced difficulties with understanding Soviet people, official penalties, lack of any support and the most important lack of financial resources - total economy on everything. In 1982 owned 1 sows and 27 young pigs and after 3 years they increased their numbers: 3 sows and 40 pigs with various age.

After my graduation from finance academy, I came back to Murmansk and continued my parents’ business. At present moment, our mission is providing high-quality farm and wild products. We work for the reason: Murmansk people must have an opportunity to buy products which came from far parts of our region.

Consumption of fast-food product strategy didn't prove itself from the good side. Maybe that is the time to think about yourself? If you happened to visit that page we believe that we're not alone.


With my respect,

Aleksander Polovinkin.

In 90-s after the Soviet Union was collapsed criminals tried to racketeer business by demanding cash. In 00-s we had to face a more difficult problem - people suffered from lack of financial resources which caused a crisis of 2000. Apart from that problems, my parents met a lot of honest and good people along the way with whom they still connected and have good friend relations - like one big family.

Meat store.


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Our history

In far 90s it was normal thing to run a business someway which inappropriate today.

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Healthy lifestyle. Healthy nutrition. Dietary food. Healthy eating.

Farm products. Wild products.


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Our history


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Phone for orders: 422-423

Store adress: Murmansk, Oktabrskaya 20









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