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Our principles

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Our principles

1 )      We know every farmer's face in our region and every detail in product creation. The general principle in production is product transparency.

2 )      We unite only small and average farms in Russia. With major players, we don't work.

3 )      We work with law of CQC - client quality control. Don't like the product? We refund your money.

4 )      Inspectors visit our friend's farms in order to do a quality control. All products produced without harm to ecology.

5 )      We would like to make a consumer know as much as possible about farmers. Today we buy farm milk or meat tomorrow small village will be born because of it. That is we call consumption awareness.

6)      We believe that food it's not just a food. Food can be a powerful tool to change the реалити for the better.


our products

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Our history


How do we work?

Phone for orders: 422-423

Store adress: Murmansk, Oktabrskaya 20









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